“I wrote this book in the hope it would inspire those in distress who feel that life is often too hard to carry on.  I do not pretend to suggest that I have had challenges on a higher level than others, but my hope is that this book will show how the grace of a merciful God is sufficient for you to persevere and stare down your beasts…whatever form they might take in your life.

I dedicate the book to all the people who have shared my life and played a part in helping shape me into the man I am today.  My life, like so many others, has not been easy.  It has seemed as though there was a demon lurking behind every door as I have passed this way   Sometimes I have had to acknowledge that the beast was, indeed, myself and not someone else causing all of my problems.  But, I clarify that by recognizing that there have been so many positive chapters in my life.  After all, this is a book which extols the grace, love, mercy and deliverance by almighty God.”

-Ron Woodlief



Staring Down the Beasts: A Combat Veteran Remembers is now available for purchase on Amazon.

About The Author


Jerry T Woodlief

Jerry always had a love of the written word and enjoys wordplay until this day. He graduated with a degree in English in 1970 at the level of cum laude.  This, you would have thought, would have led to a career in the English related field, but Jerry chose Industrial Engineering as his vocation instead. It all boiled down to a better salary and Jerry’s diversity of interests. He learned his trade on the job.

Though “Staring Down the Beasts: A Combat Veteran Remembers” is Jerry’s first published book, at the age of 72.  He has been published in travel blogs for major tour companies and newspaper documentaries of his extensive travels with his wife, Frances.  Jerry loves writing about his religious convictions and experiences. He has a prolific collection of these treatises which he has never gotten around to publishing, but just might someday.

Here‘s hoping you enjoy this book, written from the heart with love and conviction with my cousin, Ronnie Woodlief.